the PROM
A Brainerd Community Theatre production

About the Prom:
Four eccentric Broadway stars are in desperate need of a new stage. So when they hear that trouble is brewing around a small-town prom, they know that it’s time to put a spotlight on the issue…and themselves. The town’s parents want to keep the high school dance on the straight and narrow—but when one student just wants to bring her girlfriend to prom, the entire town has a date with destiny. On a mission to transform lives, Broadway’s brassiest join forces with a courageous girl and the town’s citizens and the result is love that brings them all together. Winner of the Drama Desk Award for Best Musical, THE PROM expertly captures all the humor and heart of a classic musical comedy with a message that resonates with audiences now more than ever.

Recommended Age 12+



Abby Pratt (Olivia Keating)
Jana Johnson (Dee Dee Allen)
Jacob Hanson (Sheldon Saperstein)
Travis Chaput (Barry Glickman)
Alex Brucker (Angie)
Noah Barnhart (Trent Oliver)
Teagen Johnson (Emma)
Kryston Wiseley (Mrs. Greene)
Don Abbot (Mr. Hawkins)
Lydia Jendro (Kaylee)
Olivia Armstrong (Shelby)
Izabella Engholm (Alyssa)
Levi Trygstad (Nick)
Layton Carlson (Kevin)

Rebecca Aanerud, Jacob Becker, Jacob Beckmann,
Brynn Bestland, Riley Dabbs, Brady Davison, Andy Ellison,
Joey Haasken, Jenna Hanson, Corissa Kerger, Devin Knopf,
Randall Mitchell, EV Norberg, Abby Pratt, Emily Pratt,
Mackenzie Pratt, Mackenzie Renford, Jadyn Rust,
Deanna Schlagel, Samuel Schlagel,
Brody Schultz

Director and Choreographer: Amy Borash
Vocal Director: Koreann Martin
Stage Manager: Arsen Engels
Set Designer: Tim Leagjeld
Lighting Designer: Heidi Eckwall
Producer: Joey Yow
Theatre Coordinator/Technician: Matt Hill
Photography: Sheila Boldt and Pine Haven Photography

About the Brainerd Community Theatre

The Brainerd Community Theatre, part of the Central Lakes Community Performing Arts Center, serves as a cultural hub for the Brainerd Lakes area, and enjoys a 50-year tradition of providing year-round theatre entertainment. Students and community members alike are welcome to be a part of the productions, both onstage and backstage. Productions are staged year-round, with a robust summer theatre program serving the resort population of the area.

Audition Questions? Email CLCPAC


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s just for CLC students, right?

Not at all! As a community theatre we involve the entire community. Auditions are open to everyone. And we’d love to have you backstage, if being onstage is not your thing. Our shows are always a mix of community members, students, former students, and people of all ages.

You have to have a lot of acting experience to get a role, right?

Not at all! We love having first-time actors in our productions, along with seasoned performers. You have to start somewhere, so why not start with one of our productions.

It takes a lot of time, doesn’t it? 

The short answer is: maybe. That depends on how much time you have to give. Rehearsals for our productions typically last anywhere from 4 to 5 weeks, with another two weekends of performances. We try to work with your schedule as much as we possibly can so that you can participate. The crews who run our shows are generally committed to three weeks of time. We respect your time. We understand you’re making a sacrifice of time to be with us. We think you’ll find it’s well worth it.

How do those actors memorize all those lines? 

The one question most actors are asked. The answer, of course, is one sentence at a time. 

I don’t want to act. What else have you got?

We are always glad to hear this question! For every actor on stage there are at least three people working behind the scenes to build scenery, paint it, hang it, find props, help with costuming, focus the lighting, run the controls, manage the stage, usher the audience….it takes an army! We’d love to have you enlist! You may rise to the rank of general!

Who do I contact if I want to join up, or just have more questions than these? 

To be added to our audition announcement email list, or to ask about opportunities to usher; work backstage or help promote our work, contact our box office at [email protected] or at 218-855-8199.

Past Brainerd Community Theatre productions...

Disney's Frozen Jr. Cast
Photography by Sheila Boldt, Pine Haven Photography

Disney Frozen Jr. Cast:

Lead Roles

Young Anna:      Ameila Mauro
Young Elsa:        Anna Slaughter
Middle Elsa:      Brynn Bestland
Middle Anna:     Ireland Heap
Elsa:                   Emali Jimenez
Anna:                  Lydia Jendro
Hans:                  Sam Kalthoff
Kristoff:             Randall Mitchell
Sven:                  Jeremiah Slaughter
Oaken:                Mackenzie Pratt
Olaf:                    Zachary McIlravy
Wesselton:         Brody Schultz
King:                   Jeremiah Slaughter
Queen:                Teagan Johnson
Bulda:                 Colton Armbrust
Pabbie:               Izabella Engholm

Bishop:               William Schmitz

Snow Court

Amelia Holbrook
Aubree Flowers
Brady Davison
Ella Reese
Emily Rioux
Irene Steinhauser
Jaxon Bunnis
Norah Quisberg
Olivia Opay


Butler:                  Caleb Bestland (A);
                              Gustin Sjostrand (B)

Cook:                    Ben Porter (B);
                              Emily Pratt (A)

Handmaiden:        Emmalyn Borders (B);
                               Taryn Rosenberg (A)

Housekeeper:       Chloe Menzel (A);
                               Marlowe Cotariu (B)

Royal Staff:           Beckett Craine (A)

Hidden Folk

Brynn Bestland
Greyson Tanner (A)
Gwynn Moon (A)
Henry Defreece (A)
Henry Sjostrand (B)
Ireland Heap
Lauren Chock (B)
Lyric Mitchell (B)
Malakai Bestland (A)
Nora Wonders (B)
Teagan Johnson
Thaoden Leikvoll (B) 

Oaken Family

Annabelle Johnston (A)
Bailey Kotzenmacher (A)
Chloe Menzel (A)
Gwendolyn Voller (B)
Kaitlyn Brenny (B)
Lily Wonders (B)
Paige Morris (A)
Paige Vacinek (B)
Serena Slaughter (A)
Teagan Johnson
Violet Pommerening (B)


Gustin Sjostrand (B)
Seth Sjostrand (A)

Summer Dancers

Amelia Mauro
Anna Slaughter
Elli Salo (B)
Ireland Heap
Kylie Wells (A)
Lily Wonders (B)
Paige Selisker (A)
Sarah Meyer (A) 


Bailey Kotzenmacher (A)
Ceci Morris (A)
Elli Salo (B)
Elsie Anderson (B) J
uno Paine (A)
Kaitlyn Brenny (A)
Lily Wonders (B)
Paige Vacinek (B)
Serena Slaughter (B)
Sicellia Daniels (B)
Zoe Howard (A) 

Production Team

Director and Choreographer: Amy Borash
Vocal Director: Jacob Hanson
Stage Manager: Noah Barnhart
Set Designer: Tim Leagjeld
Lighting Designer: Heidi Eckwall
Costume Designers: Kevin Doheny and Amy Borash
Props Coordinator: Amy Borash
Producer: Joey Yow
Photography: Sheila Boldt and Pine Haven Photography
Sound Board Operator: Jacob Becker
Music and Sound Effects Operator: Jana Johnson
Spotlight Operator: Cora Starns
Backstage Crew: Travis Chaput; Joey Haasken; Kryston Wiseley

Photography by Sheila Boldt, Pine Haven Photography

AUGUST: Osage County

Mary Aalgaard - Mattie Fae
Olivia Armstrong - Jean
Baird Brutscher - Sheriff Gilbeau
Liz Davies - Violet
Blake Lubinus - Steve
Meghan Merrill - Johnna
Marc Oliphant - Charles
Brian Rhett - Little Charles
Karla Shepherd-Johnson - Ivy
Patrick Spradlin - Beverly
Shawna Sylvester - Barbara
Kryston Wisely - Karen
Kevin Yeager - Bill

Something Rotten!

Minstrel/Bard – Levi Trygstad
Nick Bottom – Travis Chaput
Nigel Bottom – Noah Barnhart
Shakespeare – Baird Brutscher
Nostradamus – Aaron Selly
Bea – Sarah Larson
Ophelia – Sharon Hartley
Portia – Abby Pratt
Lord Clapham & Master of Justice – Rich (Watson) Dreissig
Brother Jeremiah – Andy Ellison

Female Featured Dancers & Additional Roles:

Emali Jiminez – Featured Dancer
Kryston Wiseley – Psychic Woman, Helena, Eye Patch Woman
Lydia Jendro – Woman in Crowd
Mackenzie Papillon-Renford - Miranda
Olivia Armstrong – Waitress, Panicked Woman
Rachel Martin – Astrologer

Bards & Additional Roles:
(*indicates Featured Dancer)
*Brady Westholter – Man in Crowd, Footman
CJ Nichols – Peter Quince
*Devin Knopf – Valet, Robin
Joey Haasken – Messenger, Doorman, Horatio
Joseph Harmon – Lead Man, Foreman
*Phyl Bell – Tom Snout, Francis Flute
*Zachary McIlravy – Featured Dancer


Amber Kopp – Brother Jeremiah’s Wife (Puritan)
Ava Branstner
Jocelyn Aleman
Joelle Kelly
Lynn Ellison
Mackenzie Pratt
Riley Dabbs

Production Team:

Amy Borash – Director and Choreographer
Arsen Engels – Stage Manager and Props
Lydia Jendro – Dance Captain
Tim Leagjeld – Set Designer
Joey Yow – Lighting Designer / Producer
Sharon Hartley – Costume Design
Sheila Boldt and Pine Haven Photography - Photography

Production Crew:

Jacob Beckman – Sound Engineer
Ronnie Villa - Carpenter
Cora Starns – Running Crew 

CLC Theatre Technicians:
Jacob Becker
Matt Hill

CLC Theatre Work-Study Koray Alici, Courtney Lane, Caitlin Peters

ASL Interpretation
Provided by Earth Angels 

Winter 2024
Photography by Sheila Boldt, Pine Haven Photography

Winter Wonderettes 
Fall 2023
Photography by Sheila Boldt, Pine Haven Photography

Silent Sky
Photography by Sheila Boldt, Pine Haven Photography

Brainerd Community Theatre
Scenes from Kinky Boots
Summer 2023
Photography by Sheila Boldt, Pine Haven Photography

Brainerd Community Theatre
Scenes from 9 to 5
January 2023
Photography by Sheila Boldt, Pine Haven Photography

Brainerd Community Theatre
Brighton Beach Memoirs
Fall 2022

Photography by Maren Martin

Brainerd Community Theatre
A Christmas Carol
December 2022
Photography by Maren Martin

Rehearsal scenes from Sister Act Summer 2022:
Photography by Rachel Martin

Clarence Darrow rehearsal images Spring 2022:
Photography by John Erickson, Art Matters Gallery and Studio

Patrick Spradlin as Clarence Darrow

Elf - The Musical, Cast Rehearsal Fall 2022:
Photography by John Erickson, Art Matters Studio and Gallery

Cast images from Wait Until Dark...
photography by John Erickson, Art Matters Studio and Gallery

Maren (Goff) Martin as Susan

Kevin Yeager as Roat

Nick Kory as Mike

Brainerd Community Theatre's productions of 'Amadeus', 'Elf - The Musical' and 'Wait Until Dark' are recipients of grant funding provided by:  Five Wings Arts Council

Brainerd Community Theatre Company
2021-2022 Season

The BCT company hails from towns throughout the area. “We have members from Brainerd and Baxter, of course, but we also have several from Little Falls, Crosby, Pillager, Staples, Crosslake, Jenkins, Pine River, Nisswa, Fort Ripley, Breezy Point, Merrifield, Buffalo, and Minneapolis,” said Patrick Spradlin, BCT Director.

BCT’s season opens on October 21 with the suspense thriller ‘Wait Until Dark.’ The cast for the production includes Lily Cameron, Dave Endicott, Macy Judd, Nick Kory, Maren Martin, Brian Rhett, and Kevin Yeager. Spradlin will direct.

‘Elf: The Musical’ will premiere on December 9, directed by Travis Chaput. The cast includes Phyl Bell, Jesse Brutscher, Ryan Deblock, Jake Denning, Lindsey Derry, Mya Frank, Peyton Freeman, Jaydon Friedel, Lydia Jendro, Cy Johnson, Jana Johnson, Macy Judd, Rachael Kline, Maren Martin, Rachel Martin, Katie Nelsen, Regina Nelsen, Marc Oliphant, Maureen Paulus, Melissa Peterson, Abby Pratt, Emily Pratt, Mackenzie Pratt, Brian Rhett, Martha Rustad, Elli Salo, Rhonda Schmidt, Anika Seitzer, Attly Speer, Krystin Wiseley, and Lauren Yeager.

‘Amadeus,’ a drama based on the last 10 years of Mozart’s life, will open on February 10 under the direction of Spradlin with a cast of Isaak Anderson, Phyl Bell, Deb Binda, Gary Binda, Alan Bock, Brianna Engels, Sharon Hartley, Larissa Hynes, Bri Keran, Kevin Klawitter, Nick Kory, Lisa LeBlanc, Maren Martin, Matt Munoz, Shelly Munoz, C.J. Nichols, Marc Oliphant, Mike Paulus, Nicole Rothleutner, Erik Sanbeck, Patti Scott, and Kevin Yeager.

The history-based drama ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ will conclude the season when it opens on April 21. Directed by Beth Selinger, the cast is comprised of Isaak Anderson, Alan Bock, Jesse Brutscher, Dave Endicott, Mya Frank, Jaydon Friedel, Macy Judd, Jenny Kiffmeyer, Nick Kory, Marc Oliphant, Mike Paulus, Rhonda Schmidt, Rebecca Timmins, and Kevin Yeager. The creative team for the company consists of Heidi Eckwall (lighting design), Tim Leagjeld and George Marsolek (scenic design), Dawn Krautbauer, Heather Pearson, and Ruthie Gmeinder (costume design), Curtis Jendro (sound and video design), Gina Singer (specialty props), Amy Borash (choreographer), and Koreann Martin (vocal direction). Lorri Jager is company manager.

Photograph and BCT photography by John Erickson, Art Matters Studio and Gallery

Brainerd Community Theatre past productions...

'The Odd Couple' by Neil Simon

'Talking With' by Jane Martin

'Scotland Road' by Jeffrey Hatcher

Past productions continued...

2020-21 Season:
Talking With
Scotland Road
The Marveolous Wonderettes
Sh-Boom! LIfe Could Be A Dream
2019-20 Season:
A Long Trip - BCT's first live streamed play
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
All My Sons
Mamma Mia!
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
2018-19 Season:
The Sunshine Boys
A Few Good Men
Boeing, Boeing
Bill W. and Dr. Bob
The Elephant Man
Church Basement Ladies
2017-18 Season
Play On!
The Woman in Black
Mr. Burns-A Post Electric Play
Five Women Wearing the Same Dress
Young Frankenstein-The Mel Brooks Musical
Neil Simon's "Rumors"

2016-17 Season:
Clarence Darrow
Flowers for Algernon
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Hansel and Gretel
2015-16 Season:
Steel Magnolias
Bill W. and Dr. Bob
The Seafarer
Relatively Speaking
Monty Python’s Spamalot
2014-15 Season:
The Foreigner
The Mousetrap
The Servant of Two Masters
Blithe Spirit
The (Almost) Totally True Story of Hansel & Gretel
2013-14 Season:
The Rimers of Eldritch
I Hate Hamlet
Jack the Ripper, Monster of Whitechapel
The Weir
Dearly Departed
2012-13 Season:
The Glass Menagerie
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Season’s Greetings
The Diary of Anne Frank
Brighton Beach Memoirs