In 1991 the Dryden Theatre was named in honor of the man who imagined it, Bob Dryden.   During his tenure at CLC, Bob proved to be a visionary with a goal to construct a flexible space theatre which could be used for a variety of performances and presentations.  The Dryden Theatre offers an intimate space with an extraordinarily up-close experience.  Over the past few years the theatre has begun to show its age. Our capital improvement plan will result in a better experience for audience members, including:


New, more comfortable theatre-style seats

Better technical support with the addition of a sound/lighting booth

Improved visibility with new seating risers

Updated curtains, making the space more attractive and acoustically tuned


Once completed, we will be presenting a wider variety of plays in the space, along with a new music series featuring selected professional artists whose talents will be best showcased in the intimate confines of the Dryden Theatre.


This project's cost is approximately $130,000 with just over $42,000 being raised so far!  Through the generosity of our friends Dutch & Irma Cragun, donations made toward this project

through March 31, 2018 will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000!


Making a gift is simple!  Donate online by clicking the Donate Now button above, call our box office 218-855-8199, or mail to: CLC Performing Arts, 501 W College Dr, Brainerd MN  56401.


Donations are tax deductible and those made prior to December 31 will be receipted for 2017 charitable giving purposes.

Thank You to all who have, to date, donated to this project.  We appreciate you!



Mark & Rita James  •  Charles & Mary Benson  •  Patricia Scott  •  Katie & Randy Lee

Shane & Christine Keran  •  Patricia Van Guilder  •  Jean Driscoll  •  Barrett Christenson

Marie Wagner  •  David Eades  •  Michael Soderlund  •  Rhonda Murray  •  Michele Leibold

Leora Hansen  •  Lauren Nickisch  •  John Wallin •  Sandra Kaplan  •  John Devries

Jan Kurtz  •  Bob & Sherrie Dryden  •  Linda McIntosh  •  Lakes Dental Care •  Steve Anderson

Beth & Dan Selinger  •  Christina Anderson  •  Lisa Garbe  •  Nolita Christensen  •  Don Garey

Lisa Foote  •  Sherry Frisk  •  Michelle Sjolund  •  Denver Boser  •  Connie Krueger

Janice Olson  •  Linda Balazs  •  Mary Marquardt  •  Rebecca Timmins  •  Joy & Craig Bodin

Kari & Scott Christiansen  •  Patricia McCormick  •  Bruce & Donna Winder

Sue & Charles Johnson  •  Alvin & Elsie Husom  •  Joe & Monica Patton  •  Zahi & Marilyn Ismir

Bekah Kent  •  Doris Anderson

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